Summer Update

It has been a crazy summer! 

We managed to make the big move, even though it cost more than we had originally hoped to spend. 

We sold our house for full ask though, and it was the easiest experience ever! Big shout out to our realtor, Neil Noffsteader! If anyone needs one in the Houston area- he’s the man! 

We bought a new place minutes away from family and work, so the expenses of traveling will be dramatically reduced in the future. I’m trying to look at the upfront expense as saving in the long run in that regard. Our mortgage payment is about $300 more right now, but we will save about 10 hours or so of driving per month so it isn’t that much more. Plus the bills have so far been the same or even a bit less so I’m happy with that so far. And there’s no better feeling than being able to see our parents, sister, and niece any time that works instead of adding 3 hours to the trip as well and determining if we have time or not.

And with the money we made, we’ve been able to reduce the student loans significantly as well. 

We officially have less than $65,000 left to pay off in student loans! I reduced my largest loan(with the highest interest – 6.8%- ack!) to less than the next largest, and I’m attacking it with everything I have to try and get it paid off in the next few months. 

Our mortgage debt did basically double, but with the awesome rate we got the payment thankfully did not. So I can still apply almost the same amount to the debt and then we’ll focus on the next thing once that dragon has been slayed. 

So, all told, our new financial picture looks like: 

Student loans: $64,500

Mortgage: $240,000

Savings: $5000

We will continue putting the max we can towards this debt and as it gets lower and builds more momentum, I just keep wanting to get it gone that much faster. I can finally see the light at the end of this tunnel and will hopefully have only one loan left in the near future followed by none! ?

How’s your summer financial outlook? 

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