November Update and December Goals

It’s a little late but here’s where I stand for the month of November: 

Additional debt paid: $7000

Additional savings added: $200 (Christmas is coming, so I spent quite a bit on cyber Monday to knock out my list!)

Additional pounds added after Thanksgiving: 5

Additional tests run to find out why I can’t get pregnant: 2. We’re still in limbo on this, but we have a plan! 

So my debt progress has been good, and I’m hoping to continue the trend this month. 

We’re having some corporate restructuring at my job which means I’ll get my vacation paid out as well as supposedly get the bonus I normally get in April early. I plan on putting these funds down on the loans when I get them but the date isn’t guaranteed. It might be next month. 

I’m going to keep putting as much of my check towards debt as I can in the meantime. 

As far as the family-building side of the story goes, all my tests so far have come back normal. I am continuing to take my vitamins and supplements to keep heading in the right direction as I can. 

The hubs finally went in for his test, which came back abnormal but we were told it may have been a fluke and he’ll need to be tested again- so really no news on that either. 

Since it takes 3 months to make a change in his stores, and he’s super busy during the holiday season, our plan is as follows:

  • Eat better and exercise more for both of us to try and lose about 15lbs for him and 20 for me over the next three or so months. 
  • He should cut back on drinking to no more than 2 drinks a day and increase his water
  • He needs to take a daily vitamin and lots of vitamin c, zinc and selenium 
  • Retest in three months to see if there’s improvement 
  • If it comes back normal, have me tested for blocked tubes
  • If all normal, reassess (probably at true fertility clinic)

So all in all, I expect December to be a busy month but am hopeful that we will make significant progress in the end! What are your goals through the end of the year? 


  1. diane @smartmoneysimplelife says:

    It sounds like life has been extremely busy for you.

    If I may, I have one suggestion regarding falling pregnant: stop ‘trying’ to fall pregnant.

    Focus on getting fit and healthy for your sake and just relax and enjoy life. Stress has a way of throwing *everything* out of whack (I’ve had my own dramas with this) so do what you can to relax and enjoy the moment.

    Take care and enjoy the holidays!
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