March Progress and April Goals

Ya’ll. The time has just been going soooo fast. We’ve had some major life events come up in the past month that have put a bit of a wrench in our plans, but, as always, we roll with the punches! 

So, what’s been going on? 

For one, it’s tax time! (Yay….) so that was a $3,000 hit to the budget. But, we knew this, planned and budgeted for it, and got it paid this past week. 

Another huge change that is coming up is I’ve been given the opportunity to relocate closer to family. It was most definitely in the cards that we wanted to make the move in a year or two, but the availability for both the hubs and me to get transferred may not have been there later, and when the boss drops an opportunity like this in your lap, we agreed we should take it! 

So, that was our upcoming big change if you’ve been following along. We officially signed papers this week to put our current house on the market and started hunting for our new one! 

But, this change comes at a significant price: the area we are moving to has a crazy-fast market. That means that one: houses cost waaaay more, and two: if you want one, you better be prepared to fight for it! 

So, we are going to have to accept that our expenses will be increasing significantly in the coming months. 

Also, after the last time we bought a house (hello, living with my parents for a week due to closing fiascos), we are trying to not have to necessarily rely on selling our current home to buy or future one. That means we’ll have to save, save, save! 

So, where did we land so far this past month on our plans? 

Total debt: $95,000

Total savings: $17,000

Total debt paid (including taxes): $3500

Total savings added: $4,000

So, I’m still saving the same amount, it’s just going into different buckets for the time being. For April, our ultimate goal is to save as much as possible, get our houses bought and sold respectively, and then use to income made on the sale to pay towards debt again to catch up. 

We shall see if the plan stays on track over the next couple months! ?

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