March 2015 Goal Progress


I can’t believe it is already April! The time has just flown by!

I have been diligently working on the lofty goals I set for myself last month though, and I’m pretty proud of where I ended the month!

I took some time for a “Spring Cleaning” of sorts and looked at where I wanted to be with many aspects of my life.

1.) It is time to get myself healthy and eating better. I’m redoing my whole 30, this time with a proper exit plan in mind where I will continue to eat better and not just fall right back on my old habits. I’m hoping to lose about 50 pounds and get overall healthy.

2.) My attitude at work- I am a firm believer in “fake it till you make it,” but I have been feeling kinda down lately. I want to be excited about work again and truly be happy when I go in instead of just putting on the happy face. I am very thankful to have a great team and a great boss, so there’s no huge reason to be feeling down. I just need to get re-invested.

3.) This blog- I have been struggling to make time to post on a regular basis and I am trying really hard to come up with a schedule that doesn’t leave you guys waiting too long while also being useful and doable with my current crazy-busy schedule! So, I am buttoning down and making a commitment to work harder with this!

4.) My debt management- As you remember from the beginning of March, I set a goal to attempt to use my income to pay our debts and my husband’s income to pay our bills. I came very close to succeeding on that goal this month. We ended up paying just over $6500 towards the student loans out of a possible $7000 (and change). I am amazed at how easily this was accomplished with just a little extra planning and effort on our part! And I was being conservative this month for fear that we might run out of money by the end of the month. I feel like we can be even more aggressive in April- although taxes will be a definite issue this month as well!

5.) I actually did do some cleaning!

So this month, I will continue to focus on these goals and make my life better in all of these categories. I will report back at the end of the month to keep myself accountable. Hopefully, I will continue to improve and make some significant progress! What “Spring Cleaning” have you done or will you do?

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