How to Make Sure Your House Stays Clean Without Going Nuts


So I wanted a way I could keep up with my housework without 1) letting everything just build up and be a mess till my next day off and 2) not using the entire said day to clean and polish just to be undone 5 minutes later.

Viola! The chore chart was born! This chart lets me do a little each day so that it stays relatively clean without requiring any overhaul work on those precious off days.

This chart is my actual version that I use on a daily basis to keep things in line. You can use it as a guideline and change the squares however best suits you.

My schedule rotates every two weeks with some days off during week 1 and every other weekend off. If you work 5 days on/ two days off your chart might look a bit different based on what you want to do when.

This is just a starting point but feel free to adapt it as you like to make cleaning a little less of a chore and your days off a little more enjoyable!



  1. Sarah Lee says:

    Yes I do this too but a little different…it really helps if I do what I am scheduled to do 🙂 Glad to see I am not the only one. Mine is by days of the week in hopes that spending 5 minutes a day on some small things will keep me from having to spend an entire weekend day on housework.

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